本會定名為台灣傷口照護學會(Taiwan Society for Wound Care英文簡稱 TSWC)。

  • 本會成立之宗旨為:

結合國內外參與傷口照護有關醫療之醫師、護理師、營 養師、復健治療師、糖尿病衛教師、社工師、研究員及其他相關人員為服務患者,妥善運用醫療資源,促進傷口照護研究領域發展,以提昇我國傷口照護之效能,使病人獲得良好及完整的照護。

  • 本會之任務為︰

(1) 整合傷口治療及傷口照護有關人員及資源,以期發揮醫療效能。 

(2) 促進傷口醫療專業化之研究及發展。

(3) 制定國內外傷口照護有關資訊準則以供各學術團體及會員參考。

(4) 定期舉辦學術演講及討論會。 

(5) 促進國際學術交流及活動。

(6) 定期印發會誌及有關書刊。

 理事長的話[A Word from the Director]

Dear friends from the field of professional wound care,

  感謝各位今天熱情參與。經數月籌劃與大家熱烈提供意見,我要鄭重宣布我們台灣傷口照護學會(Taiwan society for Wound care,簡稱TSWC)正式成立。

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of your enthusiastic involvement in this meaningful endeavor. After several months of collective planning and discussion, I announce that the Taiwan Society for Wound Care is now formally established.

  我身為籌備會主要發起人,感謝所有發起人草創之初篳路藍縷,經過二次籌備會義召開(第1次台北榮總105-12-3,第2 次高醫大附院106-1-21),大家達成共識及修訂本會章程草案,在廣召會員下,短段一個多月已有超過350 位會員報名入會,對於一個新的學會,是莫名的鼓勵。

As the primary founder of the preparatory committee, I wish to thank the other cofounders for all the invested time and effort in establishing this society. After two preparatory meetings (the first meeting was held at the Veterans General Hospital in Taipei on 12/3/2016; the second meeting was held at Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital on 1/21/2016), everyone came to a consensus, especially on the drafting of the society’s constitutions. After just a little over a month, the Society expanded up to more than 350 members, which was definitely encouraging.


The quality of medical care in Taiwan is well recognized. Professional wound care is bound to be a future trend of Taiwanese medicine. Through the collaboration of a variety of medical professionals, an interactive platform such as TSWC can be constructed to facilitate international interaction and sharing of experience and ideas, which further positions Taiwan at the forefront of the international medical community by making the accomplishments of Taiwanese medical care known to the rest of the world.


The primary objectives of TSWC To integrate all medical professionals from all disciplines within the country, including physicians, nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists, diabetes educators, social workers, researchers and other relevant medical providers, to efficiently use and allocate medical resources, and to promote the development of wound care research so as to enhance the overall national quality of wound care and achieve a more well-rounded patient care.

  本次學術研討會主軸是糖尿病足整合照護研討會,匯集許多學者專家,除國內醫護專家外,特別邀請國際外賓與大家分享在糖尿病足及相關困難傷口照護經驗,包括亞洲傷口照護協會AWCA 主席Prof. Sadanori Akita(日本)、美國傷口應合學院APWH 前主席Prof. Steven Kravitz 及韓國Asan 醫院Prof. Joon Pio Hong、馬來西亞傷口學會主席Prof. Harikrishna K Ragavan Nair、泰國清邁大學Prof. Kittipan Rerkasem 及中國上海交通大學第九人民醫院Prof.Yi-Xin Zhang (章一新)教授,內容勢必精彩,歡迎您的參與。
The main focus of this academic conference is on the care of diabetic foot. In addition to Taiwanese wound care specialists, many international specialists were invited as guests at this first annual conference to share their experience on caring for diabetic foot and complex wounds, including the director of AWCA, Prof. Sadanori Akita (Japan), the former director of APWH, Prof. Steven Kravitz (USA), Prof. Joon Pio Hong of Asan Medical Center in Korea、 Prof. Harikrishna K Ragavan Nair of Malaysia Society of Wound Care Professions, Prof. Kittipan Rerkasem of Chiang Mai University (Thailand) and Prof.Yi-Xin Zhang of Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital. Your involvement and effort are truly appreciated and I cordially invite all of you to our many more events in the future.

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